Meeting of the Board of Trustees
University of Kentucky
1:00 P.M.
October 29, 2003
Floor Patterson Office Tower


Roll Call

Approval of Minutes – (Consent)
Minutes – September 16, 2003

President’s Report and Action Items

PR 1                President’s Report to the Trustees
PR 2                Personnel Actions (Consent)
PR 3                Amend the Statute Which Mandates When the Board Shall Meet and How the Board Shall Maintain the Record of the Board Meetings

Academic Affairs Committee Report

AACR 1          Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Theatre Practice
AACR 2          Change of Organizational Structure of the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research
AACR 3          Change in Name of an Educational Unit

Finance Committee Report

FCR 1              Acceptance of Interim Financial Report for the University of Kentucky for the Three Months Ended September 30, 2003
FCR 2              Disposition of Property – Bequest to College of Agriculture
FCR 3              Kentucky Medical Services Foundation Gift of Property
FCR 4              Approval of the Terms of an Agreement with the Kentucky Medical Services Foundation (KMSF) Regarding Real Property at 138 Leader Avenue
FCR 5              Authorization to Sell Property in Sharonville, Ohio
FCR 6              Estate of Darlene F. Duncan
FCR 7              Fluent, Inc., Gift-in-Kind
FCR 8              Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. Gift-in-Kind
FCR 9              Charles D. and Jeanette D. Bennett Gift and Pledge
FCR 10            Gifts and Pledges to Robert G. Lawson and William H. Fortune Professorships Endowment
FCR 11            Edith D. Gardner Charitable Foundation, Inc. Gift
FCR 12            Kentucky Medical Services Foundation Gift
FCR 13            Approval of 2002-03 Endowment Match Program Annual Report
FCR 14            Design of a Basketball Practice Facility Memorial Coliseum
FCR 15            Multi-Purpose Facility Addition to the Nutter Field House

Other Business