William C. Britton

Photo of William C. Britton

Address: 9162 Aiken Road, Louisville, KY  40245

Length of Service on the Board: July 29, 2011-present

Term Expires: June 30, 2017

Offices/Positions Held on the Board: Chair, Finance Committee; Member, Audit & Compliance Committee; Member, Investment Committee.

Mr. Britton is a retired accountant/entrepreneur. He received his BBA in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Eastern Kentucky University in 1983. After graduation, Mr. Britton worked as a Tax Manager for Ernst and Whinney in Louisville, KY before leaving to become General Manager of Norwall Sales. Looking for a new challenge, he spent three years at the University of Louisville School of Medicine before leaving to become President/Owner of 166 Research, Coal Binder Supply, and Reagent Supply Company. There he managed these companies that were involved in alternative fuels derived from coal and other alternative energy forms.

In 2007 he retired and now spends his time with his ten year old son Nicholas and wife Diana.

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