Ben Childress

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Address: Student Government Association, Blazer Hall 351, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., Lexington, KY 40526

Phone: (859) 257-3191

Email Address:

Length of Service on the Board: June 16, 2017 – present, elected student representative

Term Expires: June 30, 2018

Offices/Positions Held on the Board: TBD

Ben Childress, a senior from Lexington, is an Honors student, Gaines Fellow, and Chellgren Fellow majoring in Economics. He currently serves as the President of the Student Government Association (SGA), as a member of the DanceBlue Family Relations Committee, and as a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Ben’s experience with student government started as soon as he entered college when he was elected as a Freshman Senator.  He has subsequently served as Senator at-large, Senate President, and Vice President. This has given him a wealth of experience working with students, faculty, alumni, and the administration on issues that include, but are not limited to, dinning, parking, student fees, diversity and inclusion. Outside of student government, he has enjoyed participating in undergraduate research, DanceBlue, YoungLife, and his fraternity.

As the student trustee, Ben hopes to increase student engagement in the University’s decision-making processes. He is passionate about ensuring that the University of Kentucky remains, now and into the future, a top-rate institution accessible to all Kentuckians. On campus, he hopes to use SGA as a conduit to connect more students from different backgrounds, and to work with other campus leaders to build a more diverse and flourishing student community.

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