Meeting of the Board of Trustees
University of Kentucky
1:00 P.M.
June 19, 2012
18th Floor Patterson Office Tower


Accompanying Materials:

Chair’s and Executive Committee Report

President's Report and Action Items

PR 1 President's Report to the Trustees
PR 2 Personnel Actions (Consent)
PR 3 Proposed Revisions to the Governing Regulations: Removal of a Board Member
PR 4 Proposed Revision to the Governing Regulations: University Hospital Committee
PR 5 Proposed Revision to the Administrative Regulations: Policy on Deadly Weapons
PR 6 Appointment/Reappointment to Board of Directors University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation, Inc.
PR 7 Appointment/Reappointment of Board of Directors University of Kentucky Research Foundation
PR 8 Reappointment to Board of Directors of the Fund for Advancement of Education and Research in the University of Kentucky Medical Center
PR 9 Naming of University Building

Academic Affairs Committee Report

AACR 1 Candidates for Degrees: August 2012
AACR 2 Candidates for Degrees: May 2012
AACR 3 Change in Name of an Educational Unit: College of Agriculture
AACR 4 Change in Name of an Educational Unit: College of Education
AACR 5 Change in Name of an Educational Unit: College of Fine Arts
AACR 6 Academic Degree Recommendation: College of Arts and Sciences
AACR 7 Change in Degree: College of Fine Arts
AACR 8 Change in Degree: College of Health Sciences
AACR 9 Restructuring of an Educational Unit: Gatton College of Business and Economics

Finance Committee Report

FCR 1 Gift from the Barnstable-Brown Party Diamond Derby Inc. to Replace an Unfulfilled Pledge to the Research Challenge Trust Fund
FCR 2 Liz Claiborne Foundation Endowment Name Change
FCR 3 Acceptance of Interim Financial Report for the University Of Kentucky for the Nine Months Ended March 31, 2012
FCR 4 2011-12 Budget Revisions
FCR 5 Renovate Academic Facility:  University Lofts
FCR 6 Renovate/Expand Gatton Building
FCR 7 Campus Security System
FCR 8 Lease on Behalf of University of Kentucky HealthCare Information Technology and Kentucky Medical Services Foundation
FCR 9 Lease on Behalf of Nursing Development
FCR 10 Approval of Ground Lease with Rho Ioata House Corporation of Phi Mu International Fraternity, Inc.
FCR 11 Disposal of Personal Property
FCR 12 Patent Assignment Report
FCR 13 Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Operating and Capital Budget
FCR 14 Lease of High Performance Research Computer

Investment Committee Report

Investment Committee Report

Student Affairs Committee Report

University Athletics Committee Report

University Health Care Committee Report

University Relations Committee Report

Other Business