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APEX Interactive Audit -- Downloads Available
  • UK's Interactive Audit Cascading Style Sheet.
    audit.css (size: 10 KB)

    This is UK's version of the IA cascading style sheet.
    1) Right click file name
    2) Choose 'Save Target As' to download the file.
    3) Copy file to: /darwinia351/info/ directory on the CORDA web server.
  • APEX Brochure.
    UK-APEX-Brochure2008.pdf (2008 version / size: 701 KB)

    This is the color brochure we use to introduce students and advisors to APEX.
  • Help Page Graphics File Size Reduced.

    To reduce DARSweb Help page download times, the .png graphics files were changed to .gif files. Click hyperlink above to see original and reduced graphics and the specific Help pages which are effected.
  • APEX Basics.
    UK-APEX-Basics.pdf (size: 84 KB)

    This is the training material used at the first in a series of training courses provided by the UK Registrar's Office. The training web site would have more information about these sessions.
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Date Page Last Updated: Friday, April 25, 2008