University of Kentucky


Consumer, Sensory and Demand Studies
In collaboration with the FSIC, the Department of Agricultural Economics conducts consumer, demand studies, economic impact and feasibility studies. Our clients can gather valuable market analysis and product placement information to develop overall business strategy. Data from these studies can assess consumer willingness-to-pay and product feature preferences such as formulation or packaging. Through regular surveys of Kentucky consumer households and the ability to work with panels nationwide, the FSIC can provide timely market information. The FSIC provides services to farming communities, manufacturers of all sizes and to industry or government associations.

Food Chemistry Testing
Basic chemical analysis and testing requirements for the food industry are provided by our chemical laboratory division which specializes in testing for process validation such as salt, pH, CO2 and O2 levels, water activity and several other analyses.

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Nutrition Labeling
With new legislature in place more food manufacturers are required to label their food products in order to conduct business. As it is a necessity for a large part of the food industry, manufacturers should seek assistance in verifying their labeling requirements. The FSIC performs the necessary analysis and develops nutrition labeling information for all product categories.

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Analytical Services
From process verification to contaminate monitoring and quality assessments we provide a wide range of services for food products. As a University based center the FSIC is unique in its ability to seek out expertise as needed and provide our clients with working knowledge and support required to succeed. Process reviews can be conducted on acidified foods (pickles and relishes), low acid canned foods, processed meats or any product that requires a heat treatment to ensure pathogens and spoilage organisms are destroyed.

We are not accepting Process Reviews at this time, effective 10/21/15. We will update our information when resuming this service.


Microbiological Testing
Product safety is a key concern in the minds of food manufacturers as well as consumers and all stakeholders in the supply chain. Determining quality, safety and risk can all be performed by our microbiological testing laboratory. Food borne pathogen testing, shelf life determination and challege studies, environmental testing, identifying process or preservative system failures, food station and plant sanitation process verification are some of the staple procedures carried out by our microbiological testing service.

Shelf life testing - From fresh, refrigerated and frozen products to shelf stable products and processed meats all food products have an optimal time during which the customer should consumer it, both for safety and for quality purposes.

Risk Assessment- Pathogens are one of the main concerns to the consumer. Validation studies can be done to ensure your process is appropriate and results in a safe, acceptable product to the consumer.

Sensory Evaluations
The FSICs sensory panel services can help our clients to determine consumer acceptance of a product, identify potential flavor, visual, other sensory issues and provide descriptive feedback. Sensory analyses are a key component in a successful food marketing plan and can provide data prior to market launches to ensure success. With sensory testing, you can match flavors, make better product launch decisions and know more about your potential customers before your product is on the market.