Sample Case

"Jane Smith's" tax savings using health care and dependent care flexible spending accounts:

Without FSAs

With FSAs

$28,000 taxable income

  $28,000 taxable income, minus

No tax shelter for medical expenses

  - $360 medical expenses ($30/month)

No tax shelter for child care expenses

  - $2400 child care expenses ($200/month)

$28,000 taxable income

  $25,240 taxable income after flex plan

Without FSAs, Jane pays $8,022!

 Jane pays $7,231 in taxes. By using FSAs, Jane enjoys a tax savings of $791!

The difference in taking deductions pre-tax for premiums and participation in the medical care spending account versus paying for expenses after-tax is $791!

*tax assumes rates of 7.65% social security, 6% state and 15% federal

Types of Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Care Spending Account

Many medical, dental, vision and other health expenses are covered under the Health Care FSA. Consider taking advantage of your FSA benefit if you expect to incure expenses for chiropractic care, hospital visits, surgery, orthodontia, non-cosmetic dental treatments, laser eye surgery, glasses, wheelchairs, and more. Read more about Health Care Spending Accounts >>

Dependent Care Spending Account

FSA funds can be used for dependents under age 13 whom you claim as dependents on your federal tax return. Consider taking advantage of your FSA benefit if you plan on utilizing a babysitter or caregiver, child care center, daycare or preschool. Read more about Dependent Care Spending Accounts >> 


You can enroll in a Flexible Spending Account through Employee Self Service in myUK, or by filling out this form.

After enrolling in a Flexible Spending Account you can register your account online at You can use that website to submit claims, review your claim status, and view other information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

File a Claim

This PDF document explains how to file an FSA claim. This PDF document explains how to properly document purchases that qualify for FSA claims.

Who to Contact

Call the UK Benefits Office if:

  • you are checking on your eligibility to participate in a health or dependent care spending plan

  • you want to change your address

  • you have a change in status during the plan year and you wish to change the amount you contribute to your medical and dependent care flexible spending account.

Contact UK Benefits »

Call your flexible spending account plan administrator (ConnectYourCare) if:

  • you would like a summary plan description for your plan

  • you have a question about the status of a claim

  • you need help filing a claim

Contact ConnectYourCare »