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Retiree: UK Dental Retiree Ultra

What You Need to Know: 

UK Dental offers two dental plans with a unique plan design for the needs of retirees, one of which is the UK Dental Retiree Ultra. All services are provided through the UK College of Dentistry and satellite facilities by UK faculty or post-graduate dentists. Any services obtained outside of the UK College of Dentistry are not covered under the UK Dental Plan. The UK College of Dentistry is included in the Delta Dental provider network for the Delta Dental Basic and Enhanced plans.

Plan Features

  • Includes all Classic Plan benefits:
    • Diagnostic and preventive care to maintain good oral health.
    • Fully covers two oral exams, X-rays, and cleanings per year.
    • Partially covers dentures.
    • No annual deductible.
    • Includes discounts on services.
  • Orthodontic coverage.
  • No annual deductible.

The UK Dental network may be accessed on the web at

Summary of Benefits

Choosing a Dentist Any UK faculty or post-graduate participating provider
Annual Deductible
Annual Plan Maximum
Covered Benefit (up to Annual Plan Maximum)
Two cleanings/routine office visits per year


Restorative Fillings
(one to four surfaces)
Simple Extractions 100%
Periodontics (one scaling/ root planing) 50% every 2 years
Crown or Bridge 20%
Endodontics (root canal) 30%
Oral Surgery (Outpatient surgical extractions)


Complete/Partial Dentures 50%
Orthodontics (no age limits) 20% up to a $1,000 lifetime maximum
Space maintainers (for permanent teeth)