FML Process for UK HealthCare and College of Medicine Employees

  1. If an employee recognizes his/her condition as potentially being FML the employee shall complete and submit the application for FML. If the employee submits the application to the supervisor the supervisor should make a note and then forward the application to the Employee Relations Specialist, Whitney Cunningham in the Family Medical Leave Office.
  2. If an employee or Supervisor has a question about FML they should speak to the FML Administrator at 323-0256.

Employee Responsibilities
Employees are responsible for the following actions related to complying with the FMLA:

  • Providing the University with sufficient information to determine that an absence is covered by the FMLA, which would be the FMLA application.
  • Notifying the University of the anticipated timing and duration of the absence.
  • Providing 30 days advance notice of the need for an FMLA covered absence when the need is foreseeable for the birth or placement of a child for adoption or foster care, or for planned medical treatment for a serious health condition of the employee or a family member.

Note: When it is not practicable to provide 30 days notice, or when the need to be absent is not foreseeable, notice must be given as soon as practicable. If an employee does not provide at least 30 days notice of a foreseeable FMLA absence, the employee can be asked to explain the reason for the delay. 
Note: Calling in "sick" without providing more information is not sufficient.

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