When creating my account, the system asks for an "employee id number"; is this the Social Security Number or our new Person ID?

The Person ID; however, the system is still currently programmed to only accept a nine-digit number (because of the former use of Social Security Numbers).  So we currently ask that you insert an extra 0 at the beginning of their person ID.

Will I need a different user name and password than what I currently use as a Hiring Official to access the OES as a Direct User?

Yes. The Direct User and the Hiring Official features operate very differently in the OES. Because of this it is necessary to create two different user names and passwords. Once your account is approved, your Direct User id will typically be your user name plus the letters DU at the end.

Can departments hire multiple candidates from a single Direct User posting?

Yes, since all Direct User positions are not regular positions, the Direct User will not be restricted to making one hire per posting. Because these are not benefit bearing positions, these positions do not have to remain on the posting for seven days, hiring departments can view the applicants immediately and the Direct User does not have to enter turn down reasons for all the applicants. However, all hires from a single posting must have their PNBC charged to the cost center entered on the requisition, so hires from different cost center areas should have separate requisitions.

Can I hire Post-Doctoral Fellows with this function?

Yes, the Direct User feature may be used to order a background check for Post-Doctoral Fellows.

Can my employees begin employment before the PNBC results are returned?

Student and Temporary employees may begin work, if there is a legitimate business need which requires them to work before the results come back (typically 2-3 days); however, candidates for regular positions may not begin work prior to the review of the results.  Additionally, no pool employee in the Hospital may begin work until after they successfully complete their background check.

Oops!  My applicant(s) have disappeared from my screen.  Where are my candidates?

When an applicant attached to a job is not visible, this is usually due to them being labeled "inactive".  To remedy this, scroll down the page into the box labeled "Refresh".  Select the check box labeled Inactive Applicants, and click the Refresh button.  Your applicants should now be visible.

The last page of the application has a signature line; are we supposed to get signed applications for every employee?

The Human Resources department suggests that whenever a new employee is hired, that the hiring department print out their applications and have the incoming employee sign that last page, and send it over to Employee Records to be kept on file.

For more information please refer to the Direct Users Manual.