If you'd like to be the first to hear about new Health & Wellness programs, then feel free to reach out to the advocate closest to you and ask to be on their email list. They distribute flyers and send out email blasts to their contact lists about once a month.

Our 2014-2015 advocates

Area Name Phone Email Address
Analytics and Technologies - Enterprise Applications Group Brian Hughes   bahugh0@uky.edu 630 South Broadway
Coldstream Research Campus Administration  Frances Stokes 231-8324 fstokes@uky.edu Coldstream Center 1500 Bull Lea Rd.
College of Ag - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Helen Williams 257-7420 hwilliam@uky.edu 1490 Bull Lea Rd
College of Ag - Animal & Food Sciences Cindy Stidham 257-2686 cindy@uky.edu 908 Garrigus Building
College of Ag - Business Center Leanne Herzog   lherzog@uky.edu  
College of Engineering Melanie Barber 218-1685 melanie.barber@uky.edu Ralph G. Anderson Building
College of Engineering Vicki Cooper 257-8042 vlcoop1@uky.edu 453 F. Paul Anderson Tower
College of Law Alison Begor 257-8317 alison.begor@uky.edu 209 Law Building
College of Medicine - Anatomy & Neurobiology Verda Davis 323-6092 verda@uky.edu 306 Davis-Mills
College of Medicine - Pathology & Lab Medicine Greg Davis 257-5175 gjdavis@uky.edu UK Chandler Hospital Pav H
College of Public Health - Academic Affairs Andrea Perkins 218-2021 andrea.perkins@uky.edu 111 Washington Ave
College of Public Health - Admissions & Student Affairs Brandy Reeves 218-0112 brandy.reeves@uky.edu 111 Washington Ave
International Center Mary Hammons 257-4620 mhamm3@uky.edu 101 Bradley
King Library Dee King 257-2861 dee.king4@uky.edu 179 Funkhouser Drive
Office of the Treasury Sandra Morgan 257-7933 smorgan@uky.edu 337 Peterson Building
Office of the Treasury Stephanie Viens 257-5419 stephanie.viens@uky.edu Peterson Building
Office of the Registrar Katherine Griffs   katherine.griffs@uky.edu  
Physical Plant Department - Facilities & Events Kari Adams 257-8646 kari.adams@uky.edu Campus Physical Plant
Supply Center Robin Kleven   rsklev2@uky.edu  
UK HealthCare - Internal Medicine/Cardiology Karen Michul 218-0121 karen.michul@uky.edu Wethington Building
UK HealthCare - Kentucky Clinic Margaret Keene   muggs.keene@uky.edu 800 Rose St
UK HealthCare - Revenue Management Ann Robertson   awrobe2@email.uky.edu 2317 Sterilington Drive
UK HealthCare - University Health Service Fadyia Lowe 218-3258 fadyia.lowe@uky.edu 830 S Limestone St
W.T. Young Library Benita Clarke   bclar1@uky.edu  

University of Kentucky Medical Center

Liz Feinauer



College of Design Sabrina Brewer