UK Human Resources

Getting Started on myUK: for Managers

What You Need to Know: 

myUK Manager Self-Service (MSS) is a convenient online portal where UK supervisors may access resources to support their management responsibilities. This myUK user guide offers a complete overview of how to use the UK Online Self-Service features and tools for managers. Use the links to the right to navigate the myUK MSS Guide.

  1. Start by going to the myUK site ( and logging in using your "link blue" username and password. You'll log on with the same, University-wide user name/password combination you use to log into UK computers and to Exchange e-mail, among other systems.
  2. To access the "Manager Self-Service" feature, first click on the "Manager Self-Service" menu item. NOTE: if you do not see the MSS tab and you are a manager, please contact
  3. Manager Self Service consists of these areas: Home, Work Overview, Team, Organization, and Performance Management.
  4. You can access any area from the Overview page. You can also move to any area using theDetailed Navigation panel that appears to the left of any opened area.