UK Human Resources

Review Individual Details

What You Need to Know: 

In addition to training/certification data and organizational structure details, mUK Manager Self-Service offers additional resources for supervisors. Below is a brief summary of other available information.

  1. Log in to the myUK portal, located at If you need assistance, review these instructions for logging in.
  2. To access the "Manager Self-Service" feature, first click on the "Manager Self-Service" menu item. 
  3. Click on the Employee Information Link:
  4. Choose the employee to review and Click on the Employee Profile Button:
  5. Every tab includes the employee's short profile:

Overview: The Overview tab displays information on team members' leave balances, salary data, upcoming training and more.

Miscellaneous: The Miscellaneous tab displays information on employees' position/organizational assignment, absence history and more.

Compensation: The Compensation tab displays employees' payroll and salary history.

Qualifications: The Qualifications tab displays employees' status with regard to required qualifications, including mandatory training.