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May 21, 2007

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The Board of Trustees has authorized the President of the University to develop and publish this Human Resources Policy and Procedure Administrative Regulation (HRP&P AR) and other Administrative Regulations to provide interpretation and implementation of the University's Governing Regulations and the official minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees. Development, implementation and coordination of University human resources policies and procedures remain an institution-wide function with appropriate advice, counsel, and action from the Provost and executive vice presidents in accordance with the Governing and Administrative Regulations. The President has delegated to the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration the human resources functions not assigned to the Provost and executive vice presidents by the Governing and Administrative Regulations. Human resources functions include the processing of employment decisions, promotions, transfers, compensation, human resources development and training, employee relations, benefits administration, unemployment compensation and work-life. The Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration has, pursuant to authority, delegated many of the foregoing functions to Human Resources.

This Human Resources Policy and Procedure Administrative Regulation (HRP&P AR) issued by the President contains the relevant policies of the Board of Trustees affecting non-faculty staff of the University, the administrative procedures attendant to those policies, and any official interpretation of the policies and procedures. The policies and procedures in this AR are applicable to faculty employees to the extent that they deal with subjects not covered in the Governing Regulations or in other Administrative Regulations. 

Issues which are not specifically addressed in this manual should be directed to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources.

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