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Sales and Solicitation

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April 1, 2006

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The University prohibits an employee from making unauthorized sales to or solicitation of employees or the general public on University property.


1) Unauthorized sales or solicitation may include

  1. Collection of money;
  2. Political campaigning;
  3. Solicitation of subscriptions;
  4. Sale of merchandise; and
  5. Activities such as display, placement or delivery.

2) The United Way of the Bluegrass is designated as the sole agency authorized to conduction on-campus solicitation of contributions from employees.

3) Solicitation by an employee on behalf of any agency, other than the United Way of the Bluegrass, must be authorized by the Dean of Students.

4) Sales by an employee of any kind of merchandise, publications, or services or solicitations, etc., are prohibited except upon permission of the Dean of Students.


Responsibility for authorized sales or solicitation by an employee on behalf of any agency other than the United Way of the Bluegrass rests with the Dean of Students.

1) A request to conduct sales or solicitation under this policy shall be made in writing to the department head.

  1. The department head shall forward the request with a recommendation of approval or disapproval to the Dean of Students.
  2. The department head may require that certain restrictions be placed on sales or solicitation. Any restrictions shall be included in the department head’s recommendation of approval or disapproval when forwarding to the Dean of Students.

2) Any authorization from the Dean of Students shall be in writing with a copy to the department head.

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