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Health & Wellness

Karen & Vanessa on Nutrition

What's the word on high fructose corn syrup? Our UK Wellness dietitians have the answers to this nutrition question and more. Read more »

Amy on Tobacco Cessation

Interested in quitting tobacco and staying quit? Let our UK tobacco cessation specialist guide you to a place where you thrive and flourish without tobacco. Read more »

Andrea on Self-Care

Self-care calls to mind the idea that simple is not always easy. Read more »

Carrie on Exercise

From staying motivated to addressing imbalances in the body, our UK Health & Wellness exercise expert has shared numerous insights. Read more »

Grocery Store Tour

Schedule a free grocery store tour with our UK Wellness registered dietitian! Read more »

Health Smart: Conversations About Your Health

Join our monthly sessions and be smart about decisions related to you and your family's health. Read more »

Lunch & Learn

Bring your lunch and come learn about a specific nutrition, stress, self-care or exercise topic. Presentations are by our UK Health & Wellness Graduate Assistants. Read more »

Walk With A Doc

Walk With A UK Doc

Take a step toward better health! Every month, UK Health & Wellness, in partnership with UK's Gill Heart Institute hosts two FREE "Walk With A UK Doc" events. Read more »

wednesday well-being

Wellbeing Wednesdays - A Rejuvenating Drop-In Group

Drop in on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month for a rejuvenating dose of wellbeing over the lunch hour. Read more »