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Walking on Campus

What You Need to Know: 

Whether you are already into a walking routine or you're interested in taking the first step to get involved with this form of physical activity, we have the resources you need. Check out campus walking routes, recommended resources and common walking distances that you might already get to add to your number of miles logged.


Walking is the cheapest form of physical activity! You don't need expensive equipment or special training — just a good pair of walking shoes.

Walking for exercise has important health benefits:

  • Lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce your risk of certain illnesses such as diabetes
  • Maintain or reduce your weight
  • Improve your mood  

Common Walking Distances:

  • Employee Shuttle (HSRB to Stadium shelter): 0.8 mile
  • POT to Alumni Gym: 0.2 mile
  • Rose St. Parking Structure to Singletary Center: 0.3 mile
  • Press Ave. Parking Structure to KY Clinic: 0.3 mile
  • CTW thru Clinic to BBSRB: 0.2 mile
  • Wethington basement 3 laps: 0.25 mile
  • Hospital to Visitor Parking Structure: 0.25 mile

Walking Routes

North/South/Central Campus

    Off-Campus UK Sites

    Other Resources

    There are numerous walking resources on the Web. Here are a few of our favorites: Walking (Walking programs for weight loss, printable walking logs and more)

    AOL Health: Walking (Tips for beginners, walking checklist and more)

    G-Map (Map your own walking routes and get the distances and calculate how many calories you will burn on the route.)

    MyStart! Online is an easy way to track your physical activity and nutrition intake.