Bicycle Exercise

1. Lie down (on your back) and put your hands behind your head.

2. Bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your shoulders blades off the ground without pulling on your neck.

3. Straighten the left leg out while simultaneously turning the upper body to the right, bringing the left elbow towards the right knee.

4. Switch sides, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee.

5. Continue alternating sides (like riding a bicycle in the air) for 12-16 reps.

Straight Leg Crunch

1. Lie down (on your back) and extend your legs straight up with knees crossed.

2. Contract the abs to lift the shoulder blades off the floor, as though reaching your chest towards your feet.

3. Keep the legs in a fixed position and imagine bringing your belly button towards your spine at the top of the movement.

4. Lower and repeat for 12-16 reps.

Crunches with an Exercise Ball

1. Lie face-up with the ball resting under your mid/lower back.

2. Cross your arms over the chest or place them behind your head.

3. Contract your abs to lift your torso off the ball

4. As you curl up, keep the ball stable (you shouldn't roll).

5. Lower back down, getting a stretch in the abs, and repeat for 12-16 reps.


1. Lie down (stomach face down) on a mat resting on your forearms, palms flat on the floor.

2. Push off the floor, raising up onto toes and resting on your elbows.

3. Make sure that you keep your back flat, in a straight

line from head to heels (like a tabletop—to do this tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals)

5. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat for 3-5 reps.