Pick 8-14 exercises working all major muscle groups and complete:

  • 2-3 sets
  • 12-15 reps

Levels of Resistance (Theraband): Tan, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold


Chest Press: With band behind upper back, press band out away from chest. Can be done lying or standing. Alt. Exercises: Pullovers, Resisted Pushups

Seated Rows: Wrap band around feet with legs extended. With each hand, pull towards chest trying to squeeze shoulder blades together.

Reverse Flys: Standing on a criss-crossed band, pull bands out to sides to shoulder level trying to squeeze shoulder blades together. Alt Exercise: Incline Lat Pulldown

Flys: With securely attached band at shoulder level, keeping arm straight, bring band across body until arm is straight in front of chest.

Pullthroughs: Anchor band to secure object. With legs and hips slightly bent and back straight, pull band through legs up to chest height.

Bent over Rows: Standing on band and bending over at the waist keeping back straight, row band up to chest or belly button to work a different part of back. Alt. Exercise: Lat Pulls

Good Mornings: Place band underneath feet and behind neck on upper shoulders. Bend from the waist until almost parallel with ground and return to starting position slightly hyperextending.

Front/Side Raises: Standing on band, raise band up to shoulder height either in front or to side of body. Alt. Exercise: Reverse raise

Upright Rows Standing on band, start with arms completely extended down in front of body and row upwards to shoulder height. Alt. Exercise: Shrugs

Internal/Ext. Rotation Keeping elbows in close to side, move forearm away from center of body(ext.) or in towards center of body(int.) making sure to keep elbows locked.

Bicep Curl High Curl With band anchored by feet, curl band up underneath chin or curl band towards head from an extended arm position. Alt. Exercise: Hammer Curls or Concentration Curls

Skull Crushers: Lying on ground with band underneath shoulders, start with forearms parallel with ground and extend arms upwards above head. Alternate Exercise: Pressdowns, Overhead Extensions

Ab Crunch on Ball: With band secured to a low attachment, hold handles just behind ears and perform a normal crunch while lying on stability ball.

Glute Raises Holding Band in hand  for an anchor, wrap band around same foot.Keeping leg at 90 degrees, raise leg up and out away from body.

Twists: Attach band in sercure position at chest height. Twist from side to side holding band with both hands and moving arms keeping them straight from side to side. 

Around the Worlds: Attach ban securely to a low post. Raising arms above head, move arms to waist level on each side.

High Kicks: Wrap band around upper foot and anchor with hands outstretched in front of head. Kick leg up towards head and return slowly to starting position. 

Squats: Standing on band, pull band up to shoulder heigh. Lower body to squat position (legs parallel with floor). Raise and Repeat.

Skiers: Wrap band around ankle and keeping band tight, take diagonal steps forward or backwards. Alternate exercise: 4 way hip, side steps, leg raises

Leg Curls:  Secure band. Lying on ground, wrap band around ankle and by keeping tension, curl the band up towards glutes.