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Homework Resources

Popular Homework Help Books

There are many books available to help struggling parents find a homework solution that will work. An important decision to make before choosing a book is whether or not you want to offer incentives for completed work. Below are the most widely used and recommended books for each approach. 

Ending the Homework Hassle, by John Rosemond 
If you are a Rosemond fan, or are looking for a non-incentive type approach to alleviate the homework problems in your home, this has been a popular book for many years. Rosemond's no nonsense approach encourages placing the responsibility for homework completion on the child. He also stresses that good grades and the positive feelings they create in the child are sufficient rewards.

Homework without Tears, by Lee Canter
This is another very popular book, especially among those who feel incentives work best to motivate children to do their homework. If you are a more hands-on parent, or feel that your child is best motivated by incentives or rewards, this is a book you may find helpful.


Do you have a web site or book about homework that you have found helpful? E-mail the Work-Life office and let us know. We may use your suggestions on our web site.