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The Student Data section contains data regarding current and historical student characteristics.  Please select an area in the submenu on the left.

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This section features data pertaining to full-time teaching faculty and teaching assistants at UK. Summary information on full-time faculty is sorted by tenure status, rank, and demographic characteristics. In addition, information on faculty salaries and distribution of effort agreements are presented.
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  • In Fall 2014, 30,131 students were enrolled at UK. 
  • Undergraduate students at UK made up 74% of the total student body. 
  • In Fall 2014, minority and international students at UK comprised 19% of the overall headcount. 
  • Women constituted just over half (52%) of the UK body.
  • Nine of 10 students (91%) attended the University on a full-time basis. 
  • Three in 10 students (30%) came from out of state, mostly from states bordering Kentucky. 
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The Resources and Support page highlights the popular user-facing data reporting tools and systems currently in use at UK. HANA (or SAP HANA) is the user-facing database from which you can pull operational data on students, faculty, and much more. Tableau (as well as other tools utilizing an ODBC connection) can directly connect with HANA allowing users to create data visualizations and reports. 

Tableau Access

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