Colleges/Departments Not Participating in Spring 1996 TCE

Lexington Campus Colleges and Departments

  • Architecture (contact Ebb Jacobs at 257-7619 for more information)
  • Arts and Sciences
    • English (contact Dr. David Durant at 257-2901 for more information)
    • Physics and Astronomy (contact Dr. Kumble Subbaswamy at 257-6722 for more information)
    • Statistics (contact Dr. Richard Kryscio at 257-4064 for more information)
  • Fine Arts (all departments) - a college summary and instructor results from their evaluation process is given here. Contact Jane Johnson at 257-1709 for more information.
  • Law (contact Barbara Drake at 257-8317 for more information)

Medical Center Colleges and Departments

(contact Dr. Terence Turner at 257-1642 for more information)

  • Dentistry (all departments)
  • Medicine
    • all departments except Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health
  • Nursing
  • Graduate School
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Nutritional Sciences
    • Toxicology