Requests for Office Services


The Office of the Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness responds to a wide range of requests for services from the UK community and individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies outside of the University. These requests generally fall into two basic categories: inquiries for data on faculty, students and UK operations and appeals for assistance with assessment and evaluation of programs and services.

Policy Statements

Internal Requests for Information and Services . In line with its mission, the Office provides accurate information as quickly as possible to the President, Provost, and Vice Presidents for use in planning and policy development. The Office also makes every effort to accommodate the needs of other members of the university community. All requests will be prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • The relevance of the project to the UK strategic plan and other university-wide interests;
  • The urgency with which the data are needed;
  • The staff's workload; and
  • Available resources.

In some instances, the Director of Institutional Research, in consultation with the Vice President of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness, may find it necessary to postpone or decline a request for information and services from members of the UK community.

The Office's primary role in assessment and evaluation activities is to act as a consultant to academic and administrative units engaged in efforts to assess their needs or document program effectiveness. In responding to requests for help in this area, the Director of Institutional Research shall render services that are reasonable in light of the current budget situation and the staff's workload. In many instances, the Director may suggest how a unit can deploy its own staff and resources to accomplish its objectives. The Office may develop a questionnaire or data collection instrument based on the unit's stated needs or simply provide critical feedback on questionnaires developed by the unit. In either case, it is the client's responsibility to bear the costs of duplicating the research instrument and to collect the project data. The Office reserves the right to decide whether to analyze the client's data or provide guidance in how the data can be evaluated by the client.

External Requests for Information and Services . The Office's mission requires it to provide state and federal government agencies with reliable information on faculty, students, and UK operations. The Office is committed to providing the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, the National Center for Education Statistics, and other government entities with accurate data about the University.

The Office also receives information requests from the media, private businesses, citizens of the Commonwealth, and other educational institutions. The Office is responsible for deciding whether these requests need to be referred to the Public Relations Office at UK. Inquiries made under the Open Records statute must be responded to within three working days. In requests unrelated to the Open Records statute, the Office is responsible for determining the most appropriate response to inquiries from the media, private businesses, and other external users.

Each year, the Office receives numerous surveys from magazines, book publishers, and private businesses requesting a wide range of information on the University. The Office acknowledges that it does not have the staff and resources to respond in detail to information requests from each of these entities. When it is not feasible to complete individual surveys from these entities, the Office will refer the requestor to the Common Data Set located on the office's website. The Common Data Set is the result of a national collaboration between publishers and academia to improve and standardize the compiling and reporting of information by academic institutions. This effort is guided in part by practices of the U.S. Department of Education. The Common Data Set includes diverse information on the University of Kentucky, including: enrollments and degrees conferred, a profile of first-year students, statistics and policies on transfers, academic offerings and policies, student life, annual expenses, financial aid, faculty, and class sizes.

Effective Date: November 1, 2004