Student Learning

The assessment of student learning is a multifaceted, analytic process that involves the synthesis of multiple indicators. One important component of undergraduate student learning at any institution of higher learning is General Education. The University of Kentucky is actively gathering nationally-comparable data on the core general education skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, analytic reasoning, and written communication, as well as math proficiency, through the Collegiate Leaning Assessment (CLA) and the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP). To get a clear picture of learning at the institution, however, these generalized tests must be analyzed within the context of university programs of study. Aggregate analyses of course grade distributions are often used to identify patterns of learning behaviors, contextualizing more direct forms of student learning data. Finally, professional licensure/certification exam results provide the institution with direct information about the academic achievements of students in professional programs, as well as the effectiveness of those programs in preparing students for professional careers