Team Members

Craig Rudick, 
Interim Director for Institutional Research

Craig Rudick became Associate Director for Institutional Research in January 2015 and acts as the Data Science Service Owner. He started at UK in 2013 as a Data Scientist on the UKAT Advanced Analytics team. Craig works with the Data Science and Advanced Analytics teams to generate predictive models, create data visualizations, design data structures, and perform data analyses. Craig earned his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Case Western Reserve University in 2011, and worked as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) conducting research on the structure and evolution of galaxies in the universe.   



Mary Kathryn Starkey, 
Advanced Analytics Service Manager

Mary Kathryn Starkey serves as the Advanced Analytics Team Lead within the Analytics and Technology department at the University Of Kentucky.  She has been involved with Business Intelligence and Analytical Reporting for 10 years and has spent 7 of those years focusing on Higher Education.    




First Name Last Name Title
Bob Alexander Analytics Developer
Jayna Cheesman Analytics Developer
Yan Chen Analytics Developer
Debra Claunch Analytics Developer
Alex Dixon Data Analyst
Sandra Dwinnells Analytics Developer
Louise Hensley Analytics Developer
Adam Lindstrom Data Scientist - Institutional Research
Chandini Lakanagam Jagannathachar Analytics Developer
Diane Skoll Analytics Developer
Kathy Tharp Data Analyst
Carol Yu Analytics Developer