Tableau Super Users

What is a Tableau super user?

Tableau super users, or as Tableau refers to them, content owners, are people who create dashboards, workbooks, and views and publish them on Tableau Server. Our super users are primarily made up of University of Kentucky staff who have a licensed copy of Tableau Desktop, and are capable of using the application's advanced features to develop reporting solutions for their respective colleges or business units.


Who is my super user?

We do our best to ensure that each college and business unit has one to three super users. The most up-to-date list of super users can be found below.



  • Agriculture, Food, and Environment: Tricia Coakley, Jackie McCuddy
  • Arts and Sciences: Michelle Combs, Jesse Hedge, Raegan Wilson
  • Business and Economics: Nicole Jenkins, Rena Keath, Stephanie Lynch
  • ​Communication and Information​: Derek Lane
  • Dentistry: Matt Hoover, Missy Shelton
  • Design: Sabrina Brewer
  • Education: Monica Nielsen, Gerry Swan
  • Engineering: Kim Anderson, Tony Colella, Rob Theakston
  • Fine Arts: None (Contact Us)
  • The Graduate School: Erin Shoot
  • Health Sciences: Hannah Morgan, Becky Unites
  • Law: ​Holly Hatfield
  • Lewis Honors College: Lauren James
  • Medicine: Scott Pappas, Terry Stratton, Stephen Welch
  • Nursing: ​None (Contact Us)
  • Pharmacy: Catina Rossoll
  • Public Health: Andrea Perkins, Kimberly Tumlin
  • Social Work: Ray Dowd

Business Units

  • Academic Excellence: Justin Blevins, Todd Brann, Brent Porter
  • Facilities Management: KJ Jones
  • Human Resources: Leslie Vega
  • Information Technology Services: Shelby Albers, Bob Alexander, Michael Brewster, Deb Claunch, Sandy Dwinnells, Heidi Hiemstra, Chris Thuringer, Andy Simonds
  • Libraries: Jaime Burton
  • Research: Alex Dixon, Baron Wolf
  • Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness: RaeAnne Pearson, Annie Weber
  • Student Account Services: Crista Fornash

If you have a licensed version of Tableau Desktop, and would like to be identified as a super user for your college or business unit, please let us know!