Teacher/Course Evaluation Results

Teacher/Course Evaluation (TCE) results are available for each semester in pdf format. We do not post TA results or results for courses with less than 5 responses online. Please contact your college/department to get this information.

Evaluation Results (Paper, Qualtrics, eXplorance)

2014        Spring          Summer I & II

2013        Spring          Fall

2012        Spring          Fall

2011        Spring          Fall

2010        Spring          Fall

2009        Spring          Fall

Distance Learning

To view evaluations for Distance Learning courses, read Distance Learning Teacher/Course Evaluations.

Non-Standard Teacher/Course Evaluations

To learn more about course evaluations not listed above, please read Colleges and Departments Using Non-Standard Teacher/Course Evaluations.


If you are not finding  teacher/course evaluation information that you feel should be here please email the TCE Team.