Endowed or Non–Endowed?—Both are Essential
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Endowed Scholarships – For All Time

Endowment donors to the President’s Scholarship Initiative will have their names permanently linked to the University’s most prestigious scholarships. In addition, donors will follow the achievements and progress of their student recipients and know, year after year, that their investments in these Wildcats have made a difference. As alumni and friends of UK, you will help us reward talent, recruit the talented minds that are critical to our future, and build a solid base of scholarship funds that will shape the class of the future.

Mail your gift to the Office of Development, where all charitable contributions to the University of Kentucky are processed:

When you endow a scholarship at the University of Kentucky, only a portion of the income is used to award yearly scholarships. A student will be assigned to your scholarship no earlier than 12 months after the endowment is completed, unless an arrangement is made to provide the first year’s award in addition to the endowment. This allows the principal sufficient time to generate funds to provide the full amount of the award.

The endowment levels below are suggested levels of giving:

Endowed Gift Amount Provides annual scholarships of:
(assume 4% spending rate)
$10 million $400,000
$5 million $200,000
$1 million $40,000
$500,000 $20,000
$250,000 $10,000
$100,000 $4,000
$50,000 $2,000
$35,000 $1,400

Meet urgent needs with non–endowed Scholarships

In addition to the scholarship endowment funds, we seek additional support in unrestricted scholarship funding. As described above, endowment funds must be invested for one year before their income can be accessed. The endowment funds are never actually spent. But there are deserving students out there today who want to come to The University of Kentucky. We welcome them. Their need is urgent. Waiting means missed opportunities. These scholarships are essential. Keep our momentum strong and make a difference now.