Dr. David Hildebrand
Teaching and Advising
AGR/ACS 562 Advanced Genetics.  Taught the complete course (3 h) in Fall 1983, Fall 1984, Spring 1986, and Fall 1987.
GS 600C Special Topics in Molecular & Cellular Genetics Seminar series.  Co-organized in Fall 1987.
AGR 623 Advanced Plant Physiology.  Taught six lectures on Introduction to Biotechnology in Spring 1989.
AGR 799 Crop Science Seminar.  1 credit hour.  Coordinated in Fall 1989 and Spring 1990.
AGR 630 Techniques in Plant Physiology Lab.  Taught a section on Gas Chromatography and Lipid Analysis Techniques in Summer 1990.
AGR 697A Introduction to Biotechnology.  1 credit hour.  Developed course.  Taught in Spring 1989 and Fall 1990.
FSC 434G Food Chemistry.  Taught a section in the course on lipids.
AGR 773 Plant Physiology Seminar.  Organized in Fall 1986 and 1992.  Advised students who give topic seminars.
NS 651/NFS 772 Course name?  Gave two lectures in Spring 1996.
CNU 606 Molecular Biological Applications in Nutrition.  Gave two lectures in Spring 1996.
PPA/BCH 503 Plant Biochemistry.  Reorganized and assumed principal responsibility (22/29 lectures) for teaching in Fall 1996.  Teaching in Spring 1998.
Course number? Foods and Nutrition course and seminar.  Guest lecturer in Spring 1994 and 1995.
Advising Have advised 1-2 Biotech undergraduates per year since 1992.  Currently advising Indranil Sarkar and Mary McReynolds.

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