BCH/PPA/PLS 609 -- Plant Biochemistry

Plant Biochemistry, BCH/PPA/PLS 609, is taught by Drs. Bob Houtz,  Ling Yuan, George Wagner and David Hildebrand.

The Plant Biochemistry class and this class web page were supported in part by the Barnhart Fund for Excellence, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky and the Teaching and Learning Center Faculty Associates Grant Program.

It is expected that the students in BCH/PPA/PLS 609 will review material on this web site regularly; we hope these pages are helpful to other students as well.  Lecture notes and other important information are located here.  Any additions or modifications to these pages will be cataloged in the What's new? page or you will be informed via email.

These pages are tables-intensive.  Using either Netscape, MSIE, or Firefox versions 3.0 or later, is highly recommended for the best viewing experience.

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