BCH/PPA 503 -- Plant Biochemistry

Lecture Schedule & Web Notes

Lecture # Lecture Date Topic
1.   Photosynthesis Introduction and review of importance of photosynthesis
2.   Photosynthesis Unicellular photosynthetic pathways
3.   Photosynthesis Models integrating electron transport and regulation of CO2 fixation
4.   Photosynthesis Electron transport and energy capture
5.   Photosynthesis Energetic considerations
6.   Photosynthesis Organization of the PSII and PSI reaction centers
7.   Photosynthesis Structural organization of the PS-II Rxn center
8.   Photosynthesis ATP synthesis, chemiosmotic hypothesis and H+ transport
9.   Photosynthesis  
  February 6 Position-paper topic selection due


Aspects of respiration unique to plants


Weds. Feb. 14

First section exam


Aspects of respiration unique to plants



source and nomenclature

13.   Isoprenoids synthetic mechanisms
14.   Isoprenoids biosynthesis of select isoprenoids


secondary metabolites derived from phenylalanine



lignin and lignin precursors

17. Jan. 11, 16 & 18

Carbohydrate metabolism

Carbohydrate metabolism

mono- & oligosaccharides, glycosides, ascorbic acid

storage polysaccharides

18. Jan. 18

Carbohydrate metabolism

structural polysaccharides

  ~ Wednesday March 7 Second section exam
19. Jan. 23 Lipids introduction, synthesis of fatty acids, waxes & cutin
  March 27 Position-paper outlines due
20. Jan. 25 Lipids synthesis of membrane lipids and triglycerides
21. Jan. 30 Lipids fatty acid oxidation
22. February 1 Nitrogen metabolism nomenclature, N2 fixation
  April 3 Position-paper abstracts and search strategies/histories due
23. February 6 Nitrogen metabolism nitrate reduction, ammonia assimilation
  April 10 & 12 Position-paper due; Position-paper abstract presentations; Evaluations
24. February 13 Nitrogen metabolism essential and non-protein amino acids, porphyrins
25.   Nitrogen metabolism sulfur reduction and assimilation
26.   Nitrogen metabolism alkaloids
27.   Frontiers in Plant Biochemistry  
28.   Review & Integration of Plant Metabolic Pathways
  ~ April 26 Review
  May 3 Third section exam:  8:00  AM


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