BCH/PPA 503 -- Plant Biochemistry

Messages and Answers from the Instructors
  • BCH/PPA/PLS 609  Assignment 1: 

  • Many of you answered this well from your initial attempts and others the second go around. My answer.

  • BCH/PPA/PLS 609  Assignment 2: 
  • I think all of your answers were good and variable as I expected. As you may have heard the college decided to hire the third candidate, Luke.

  • BCH/PPA/PLS 609  Assignment 3: 

  • I appreciate all of you blogging on this on time and find your answers interesting. I would suggest a much more quantitative and comprehensive answer.

  • BCH/PPA/PLS 609  Assignment 4: 

  • Most of you had good suggestions of important additions to the metabolic chart. I would not argue putting much on secondary metabolism or catabolic pathways since this chart focuses on primary metabolism and the synthesis of molecules or anabolism not turn over. Some of the better answers that you gave + some additions I would suggest that none of you suggested are here.



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