BCH/PPA 503 -- Plant Biochemistry


Instructors: David Hildebrand, 403 PSB; 859/257-5020x80760; dhild@uky.edu
Bob Houtz, 401 PSB, 859/257-4624; rhoutz@uky.edu
George Wagner, 202D THRI; 859/257-5974; gwagner@uky.edu
Ling Yuan, 200D KTRDC, 257-4806, lyuan3@uky.edu
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 to 10:45 AM
Place: 360 PSB
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BCH 607, CHE 550 or equivalent.
Description: The course will consider the chemical constituents of plants, their synthesis and contributions to key metabolic processes and the regulation of their biosynthesis. Included will be discussions of photosynthesis, carbohydrates, lipids, isoprenoids and phenylpropanoids; nitrogen fixation, reduction and assimilation; the synthesis of alkaloids and general secondary compound biosynthesis.
Objectives: To acquire a good working knowledge of the chemistry of important biological processes in plants. To be able to readily assess current developments in plant biochemistry.


3 sectional exams, 130, 100 & 90 points each 320 points
Outline of plant biochemistry paper 10 points
Oral presentation & Abstract of paper 40 points
Evaluation of other student presentations 10 points
2 assignments or quizzes, 10 points each 20 points
 Class participation 10 points
Plant Biochemistry Position-paper A position paper on a current area of plant biochemistry ~ 6 pages in length (single spaced) covering a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources of literature.  Topic must be approved by instructor and should include a title, introduction/context, hypotheses addressed, techniques used, conclusions, future directions, and literature cited. suggested topics 90 points
Total 500 points
Grading: 90-100 = A; 78-89 = B; 65-77 = C; 55-64 = D; 0-54 = F.
Grades may be curved as necessary.
Office hours: David Hildebrand -- Thursdays 2 to 4  PM or by appointment or web conferencing
Bob Houtz --
Ling Yuan --
George Wagner --
virtual office hours available
Class text: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants, B.B. Buchanan, W. Gruissem and R.L. Jones, eds., ASPB, 2015.
Reference Materials: Introduction to Plant Biochemistry 2nd edition, T. W. Goodwin & E. I. Mercer, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1983; The Biochemistry of Plants Vol. 16, B. J. Miflin & P. J. Lea, Academic Press, 1990; Molecular Activities of Plant Cells, J. W. Anderson and J. Beardall, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Inc. Oxford, 1991; Biochemistry, R. H. Garrett & C. M. Grisham, Saunders College Publishing, Fort Worth, 1995; Plant Biochemistry, P.M. Dey and J.B. Harborne, Academic Press, 1997; Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, by H.-W. Heldt, Oxford Univ. Press, 1997; The Plant Cell vol. 7, #7 (July 1995) Special issue on Plant Biochemistry; Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Lea & Leagood, Wiley, 1999; selected sections of reserve texts

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