The E-Discovery Challenge initiative, generously funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission, provides training and incentives   to elementary and middle school teachers. E-Discovery curriculum is incorporated into classroom instruction for students to develop entrepreneurial talent and create businesses  in teams.


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The E-Discovery Challenge 


E-Discovery Challenge curriculum was developed and field-tested by volunteer leaders in the Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute (KECI) before it was launched into the classroom. 

Fifty-five teachers in fifteen rural Kentucky counties have received training in E-Discovery Challenge curriculum thanks to a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).  Teachers have been given the tools to incorporate entrepreneurial instruction in elementary and middle school classrooms during the Spring 2010 semester. 

E-Discovery is unique because students work in teams to create business ventures.  Seed money, in the form of a loan to the student teams, is provided to purchase supplies to develop their businesses.  At the end of

E-Discovery sessions, students set up their businesses at a school or community event and sell their products or services. To insure project sustainability, students are expected to pay the seed money back to the school after the sales event.  A great incentive for students is that teams are allowed to split any realized profit after they repay their loan.  

E-Discovery Challenge has been aligned with Kentucky Core Content and provides a direct tie to most disciplines.  Teachers have embraced this concept because they feel E-Discovery curriculum and developing businesses shows students real life applications of classroom instruction. 

Funding for E-Discovery Challenge has been made possible by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and has impacted nearly 1800 elementary and middle school students in Appalachia Kentucky during one semester.


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