Key to Common Insect Pests of Walnut (Juglans)


What is the nature of the problem?

Web tents enclosing leaves at end of branches answer: FALL WEBWORM

Clusters of gray, soft-bodied ΒΌ inch long insects on twigs and small branches answer: GIANT BARK APHID

Leaves with finely speckled pale patches. Small active narrow insects on undersides of leaves answer: LEAFHOPPERS

Leaves eaten by caterpillars answer: Continue...

Twigs and limbs up to 1 inch in diameter neatly cut off and strewn under tree answer: TWIG BORER


Large green caterpillar with spiny horns in front end of body answer: HICKORY HORNED DEVIL

Medium-sized black caterpillar covered with long fine hair, usually feeding in groups answer: WALNUT CATERPILLAR

Medium black caterpillar with yellow stripes along body and yellow-orange collar behind head answer: YELLOWNECKED CATERPILLAR

Medium indistinctly striped caterpillar with red humped band behind head answer: REDHUMPED CATERPILLAR


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