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Oil and Natural Gas

Oil & Gas Fact Sheet

KGS Oil and Gas Data
Link to the KGS oil and gas database search on KY Geode. Use this search and left-side links to find KY oil and gas data.

KGS Interactive Oil and Gas Map Search
Links to the interactive oil and gas well data map search service (layout on the KGS Geologic Map Service).

KY Division of Oil and Gas Data
The KY Division of Oil and Gas is the agency responsible for collecting KY oil and gas well data. This site also has KY oil and gas well data available for download (permit lists, spud reports, transfer reports, production reports, orphan wells, etc).

KGS Oil and Gas Research
Summaries of KGS oil and gas research projects, including technical information.

KGS Oil and Gas Frequently Asked Questions
Link to answers to common questions.

Oil and Natural Gas Leases

New Activity and Developing Plays

Other links:

KGS Gathering and Flow Lines
Links to the interactive map service for reporting gas gathering line and oil flow line locations.

KGS Oil and Gas Publications Search
Link to KGS online publications search (use search options to find oil and gas related publications).

Timeline of Oil and Gas History
Link to a timeline of the development of the petroleum industry with emphasis on Kentucky.

Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

  • Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas

  • Links to other units in the Energy and Minerals Section:

    Carbon Sequestration


    Industrial Minerals