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FAQ: Are production data available for Kentucky wells?

Data available from the Kentucky Geological Survey:

Production data by county for the previous year are held confidential for one year; 2002 data by county are scheduled for release in April 2004. Monthly production data tables may include negative values; these represent accounting adjustments by the Revenue Cabinet. If data for a particular county, month, or year are missing then those data are not available. In some cases, production is reported from counties with no known producing wells (gas production reported in Campbell County for 2000). This is a reporting error by the purchaser; it is most likely that Campbell County, Tennessee production was misreported to Kentucky.

Monthly oil and gas production data by county are reported to the Severance and Property Tax Divisions of the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet. Beginning about 1986, the previous year's data are being held confidential by the Cabinet for one year. Historical oil production data in this format are available beginning in 1918, and gas production data are available beginning in 1986. In 1994 legislation was adopted that beginning with the 1997 report year the Division of Oil and Gas of the Kentucky Division of Mines and Minerals began requiring production data to be reported directly to the Division by oil and gas operators. By statute, the data reported to the Division will remain confidential for one year. These data are now available in the Oil and Gas Production Report. Data for the years 1997 through 2003 are available by county.

These data are provided as fixed-width ASCII text files. You can save the files to your local hard drive and open them in a spreadsheet. Using text to column (parsing) utilities, the data can be easily divided into columns. Match the reported data with the Kentucky Geological Survey well record data (KYOG83.ZIP) using the permit. (Caveat: the KGS permit number has leading spaces to pad it to seven characters and lacks dashes.) Note that the Division of Oil and Gas data are by stock tank battery (oil) or meter (gas) and as such may represent production from multiple wells on a lease. If several wells on a lease have identical monthly production data, suspect that the data has been apportioned from a single reported figure. For example, from the Henderson County oil production for 2000:

Permit  Farm                   Well      Pool              Formation      Jan   Feb   Mar
48219   BARNES, EULA              4      CATRON CREEK      O'Hara Lime     85    93   100
48988   BARNES, EULA              6      HEBBARDSVILLE     O'Hara Lime     85    93   100
49363   BARNES, EULA              8      HEBBARDSVILLE     O'Hara Lime     85    93   100

That is, the lease produced a total of 300 barrels during March and each well was assigned one third of the lease total.

To copy the text files of data to Excel:


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