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FAQ: How do I use the online Kentucky oil and gas well records?

Kentucky oil and gas well record data is now available online. Several questions concerning its use often arise.

What happened to the DjVu Documents and E-Log previews?

KGS has now transitioned from DjVu to the more widely available and accessible PDF and JPEG formats for viewing the well documents and E-logs. More information about that transition and the scanned images is provided in this document: Transition from DjVu to PDF Documents for Viewing Oil and Gas Images.

Why are the records available free of charge?

The Kentucky Geological Survey has maintained libraries of oil and gas well record data in Henderson and Lexington that are free and open to the public. When the decision was made to archive these files as digital images, the Survey made a commitment to provide the same level of data access as was provided in the file rooms. This means, you can look at the records at no charge.

How do I download well documents?

Right-click the PDF link on the results page, and use your browser functionality ("save as..." or "save link as...") to start the download process. This will download the PDF to your computer.

How do I print a record?

Click the printer icon on the PDF toolbar. To print only the record you are viewing, set the Print Range to Selection. To make the entire record fit on a single page, select Reduce to Fit. To print that part of the image displayed at the current zoom level, select Current Zoom. After making your selections, click OK.

If you choose to print by using the printer icon on the toolbar, be sure to use the icon button on the DjVu tool bar. The icon button on the browser toolbar will print a blank page.

How do I get the well record images for a whole bunch of wells or every well in Kentucky?



KGS Staff cannot develop custom database or mapping applications for you to use to access the image data down loaded to the attached storage device. KGS developed the public online oil and gas well record system to provide these capabilities. If you purchase data on a server, you will also have to download or purchase the well identification (or header) data required to provide an index to the images, load the data into a database application, and set up the procedures to query and display requested information. KGS cannot configure the device for you so it will run on your local computer or network.

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