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FAQ: Where do I obtain oil and gas well data?

Oil and gas well data have been collected by the Survey since the late 1800's. However, the data file was permanently established as the archive of oil and gas information in 1960 with the passage of KRS 353 that mandated the submission of drilling records by oil and gas operators. The library is maintained for the benefit of the public, government, and the petroleum industry with the intent to provide information necessary for the exploration, development, and conservation of the oil and gas resources of the Commonwealth. Data available in the library include:

The paper records housed in the Geologic Data Center of the Kentucky Geological Survey are being archived. The data have been scanned and are being made available to the public through a web-based interface.

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You can download and print copies of drilling records through the web. Due to their length (that is, file size), longer geophysical logs may be split into multiple images. Continuous images or copies of the these logs are available for a fee and may be requested through the Geologic Data Center, contact KGS Publication Information Center for more information. Additionally, computer data searches, well lists, and well-location base maps are available. Well-record data and stratigraphic tops are available in spreadsheet form for importing into GIS or database software. Well-location base maps are available as overlays for the standard USGS 7.5-minute quadrangle topographic or geologic maps (1:24,000 scale).

Well data may be requested written to an Excel workbook. Spreadsheet data may be ordered based on:

The fee for data downloaded to a spreadsheet include a $10 setup fee (performing the query and exporting the data to a spreadsheet) plus a $0.15 per well charge. Usually, the spreadsheet formatted data are delivered as an attachment to e-mail and may be compressed. Requests that result in large numbers of wells may be supplied as a Microsoft Access database and posted to an anonymous FTP site for delivery. On request, data can be writted to a CD-ROM and shipped by regular overland delivery services. For information or to place an order, contact Carrie Pulliam.

A free oil and gas well location base map is available, see MCS9, the Statewide oil and gas well-location map. Base maps and data are available for downloading at the KGS geospatial library page. See the State Boundary Series for county lines and grids. See the State Geology Series for well location and surface fault data. Instructions for compiling a typical map from these are available.


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