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FAQ: What is "TRM"? A guide to oil and gas well completion types.

There are many things that can happen to a well drilled in the search for oil and gas. The well may be:

There are three main ways to access Kentucky's oil and gas well data: the database search page, the map interface, or by purchasing data. Depending on how you access the Kentucky oil and gas well data, you might see a variety of well completion types in the result (or completion_result) fields.

Abbreviations used in the oil and gas well results column to describe well completion types
Main Database Downloaded data Translation
* Value refers to a general class of wells and occurs only in summary data downloaded from the Web
AB D&A Well known to be abandoned, no plugging affidavit (PA) or plugging report (PR)
AI SRV Air injection
CBM GAS Coalbed methane gas producer
COI SRV Carbon dioxide injection
CP MSC Cathodic protection, a well associated with natural gas pipelines and transmission used to ground a pipeline other facility and prevent the build-up of a static electric charge
D&A D&A Dry and abandoned
DG GAS Domestic gas supply (i.e., non-commercial gas)
FF SRV Fire flood
FP LOC Forfeiture pending
GAS GAS Natural gas producer
GI SRV Gas injection (usually oilfield repressurization)
GS MSC Gas storage
IA D&A Improperly abandoned
LOC LOC Location (new permit issued or insufficient data)
* MSC Miscellaneous, usually non-producing wells
N2I SRV Nitrogen injection
O&G O&G Combined oil and gas producer
OB MSC Observation well (usually associated with gas storage or water injection operations)
OIL OIL Oil producer
SI SRV Steam injection
SRI SRV Secondary recovery input/injection (an EPA Class II injection well)
* SRV Service wells, EPA Class II injection wells of various types drilled in support of oil and gas production
SWD MSC Salt water disposal
TA D&A Temporarily abandoned
TAI SRV Thermal and air injection
TP LOC Termination pending
TRI SRV Tertiary recovery input
TRM LOC Terminated permit, abandoned location (permit was allowed to expire or was cancelled)
UN LOC Unknown (as classified by KY Division of Oil and Gas)
WD MSC Water disposal (can be produced water disposal or storm or waste water disposal)
WI SRV Water injection (an EPA Class II injection well)
WS MSC Water supply (usually drilled to supply water for drilling mud, but may also refer to a well drilled as an oil and gas test, but that was plugged back and left for the landowner to use as a domestic water supply well)
WW MSC Water well, for the most part similar to a water supply well, in this case, often associated with secondary recovery operations

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