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FAQ: What is the format of electronic oil and gas well data available from the Survey?

Electronic oil and gas well record data are available in several formats. Well location data may be downloaded (free) as an ArcView shape file. The file KYOG83.ZIP includes data for more than 100,000 wells. Documentation for the shape file is available online and includes information on base map data also available.

An expanded format of oil and gas well data can be ordered by contacting the Survey by email or phone (877-778-7827). These data supplied as an Excel workbook with multiple spreadsheet pages, one for each of:

These data are designed to be imported into a relational database or GIS software package but can be accessed directly from the spreadsheet. Data can be ordered by Carter coordinate, topographic map, county, or region. The fee for this service is a $10 setup charge for each query and $0.15 per well retrieved with a minimum total charge of $15. Orders for data delivered within Kentucky will be charged Kentucky sales tax. After you place your order, you will receive notification of the cost of the requested data set. Call Publication Sales toll-free at 877-778-7827 with your credit card information. Typically the data will be delivered as an attachment to an email message but the data can be written to a standard CD-ROM. Data sets that are more than 3 to 5 megabytes when compressed will be written to CD-ROM or uploaded to an ftp site by prior arrangement.

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