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FAQ: What is the KGS Well Sample and Core Repository?

The Kentucky Geological Survey is the designated agency for housing rock samples collected during oil and gas well drilling, highway and foundation drilling, exploratory samples from coal and industrial mineral tests, and others. Persons engaged in the exploration for and development of Kentucky's petroleum resources must submit samples of the rocks penetrated during drilling at the request of the Survey. These samples provide essential information for a better understanding of petroleum, coal, mineral, and ground water resources and related environmental issues. The repository is stored at the KGS Earth Analysis Library (EARL) where these samples may be viewed. The repository is located on Iron Works Pike, across from the Kentucky Horse Park, a short distance north of Lexington. If you wish to visit the facility or contribute cores or samples, please contact the EARL staff at 859-389-8810.

Visit the Earth Analysis Research Library pages for more information.


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