Historic Oil Fields of Eastern Kentucky and Big Andy Ridge

Kentucky Society of Professional Geologists Fall 2001 Field Trip
Natural Bridge State Resort Park
September 13-15, 2001

Day 1: Big Sinking Oil Field Area

Click to see Stop 1
Stop 1: Irvine-Paint Creek Fault System
Click to see Stop 2
Stop 2: Ashland Filtration Plant
Click to see Stop 3
Stop 3: Discovery lease of Big Sinking
Click to see Stop 4 and Caves Fork Rd
Stop 4: Bretagne filtration plant and scenes along Caves Fork Road
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Stop 5: Fixer, KY
(Note, stop 6, Texola, was not visited)

Lunch in the Red River Iron District

  Click to see Fitchburg Furnace
Lunch at the furnace
Click to see Stop 7
Stop 7: Vacuum and power shed, Tickey Fork
Click to see Stop 8
Stop 8: Sun Oil area headquarters
Click to see Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge SRP, field trip headquarters

Day 2: Big Andy Ridge

Click to see Stop 9
Stop 9: Bretagne Nitrogen plant
Click to see Stop 10
Stop 10: Bretagne Lease Power Generator

Other area sites of interest

Click to see Three Forks History Center
Three Forks History Center, Beattyville, KY
Click to see view from Cliffview Resort
View at end of ridge, Cliffview Resort
Click to see Leeco, KY
Sights around Leeco, KY
Click to see honeycomb weathering
Honeycomb weathering
Click to see scenes in Irvine-Furnace Field
Irvine-Furnace field in Tickey Fork area
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