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Maps and GIS

GIS Data
Links to the best GIS data we know, whether KGS or someplace else.
Mapping and GIS Research
Summaries of KGS GIS mapping and research projects.
Search for Published KGS Maps and Data
Search for KGS publications, maps, and data on oil and gas, water, coal, etc.
Instructions: connecting to KGS map services using desktop GIS
Connect to KGS map data in your desktop GIS (e.g. ArcMap) without having to download data.
Map and GIS Information
Links to all kinds of maps, GIS data, and GIS information.

Geologic Map Information Service
Interactive and customizable geologic maps with links to related data.
The link above takes you to the new (ArcGIS Server) version. Click here to open the original (ArcIMS) version.
County Land-Use Planning Maps
Links to KGS land-use planning maps for Kentucky counties.
Internet Map Services
Links to online map services hosted by KGS and other Kentucky agencies and groups.
Search for geographic areas in Kentucky and link to data and map web services for the same area.

Topographic and Geologic Index Maps
Index maps and links to data.
New Mapping and GIS Products at KGS
Learn about the latest map and GIS products at KGS.
Digitally Vectorized Geologic Quadrangles (DVGQ's)
7.5-minute geologic map data for GIS.

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