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State Boundary Series

Coverages showing political boundaries, map indexes, regions, area development districts (ADDs), grids, etc.

Note: These GIS datasets are legacy datasets provided here for convenience.
KGS recommends visiting the Kentucky Geography Network to find more and up-to-date GIS datasets and services for download and use.


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Area Development District boundaries

ADDS.ZIP (0.06 Mb)

Census blocks, 1990


Census tracts, 2000 (1.7 Mb)

Census blocks, 2000

Census Blocks 2000 by County

Census block groups, 2000 (7.3 Mb)

County boundaries (2.3 Mb)

Kentucky Cities and Populated Places

PPL.ZIP (2.3 Mb)

Kentucky state boundary

KY.ZIP (0.09 Mb)

Congressional Districts of Kentucky (0.5 Mb)

Kentucky State House Districts (2.0 Mb)

Kentucky Senate Districts (1.3 Mb)

Regions of Kentucky


Kentucky Zip Codes

ZIPKY.ZIP (0.72 Mb)

7.5-minute quadrangle index grid


15-minute quadrangle grid

QUADS15.ZIP (0.01 Mb)

100,000-scale USGS map grid index

MAPS100K.ZIP (0.003 Mb)

250,000-scale index grid

MAPS250K.ZIP (0.004 Mb)