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The Linguistics program offers a wide range of courses in the various subdisciplines of linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, and the analysis of specific languages.


Grow Your Future

A degree in linguistics gives students excellent preparation for careers in computing and technology; clinical fields relating to speech and language; international business and education; publishing; and many other professions. Linguistic majors are also prepared to continue their education in graduate studies. Possible occupations for linguistic majors include but are not limited to the following:

Career opportunities in Linguistics

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Language Educators
  • Translators
  • Publishing
  • Law
  • National Security
  • Government
  • Business
  • Editors
  • Entertainment 

Classes & Requirements

What You'll Study

Linguistics is an interdisciplinary program combining resources from English, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, computer science, and the foreign languages, to develop an understanding of the nature and implications of human language. The program provides solid foundations in phonological and grammatical analysis, as well as opportunities to investigate the social, cultural, psychological, and physical aspects of language use.


Graduation Requirements

Any student earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree must complete a minimum of 39 hours at the 300+ level. These hours are generally completed by the major requirements. However, keep this hour requirement in mind as you choose your course work for the requirements in the major. Students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree must complete a minimum of 60 hours in biological, physical, mathematical and/or computer sciences. See the complete description of College requirements for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences degrees in the Arts and Sciences section of the 2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin.

UK Core Requirements

  • The Nature of Inquiry in Arts and Creativity (3 hours)
  • The Nature of Inquiry in the Humanities (3 hours)
  • The Nature of Inquiry in the Social Sciences (3 hours)
  • The nature of Inquiry in the Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences (3 hours)
  • Composition and Communication I (3 hours)
  • Composition and Communication II (3 hours)
  • Quantitative Foundations (3 hours)
  • Statistical and Inferential Reasoning (3 hours)
  • Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA (3 hours)
  • Global Dynamics (3 hours)

Total Credit Hours - 30

Premajor Requirements 

To complete the premajor requirements a Linguistics major must complete the third and fourth semesters of a foreign language (or the equivalent)

Total Hours - 6-8

Major Requirements 

Core Requirements

  • LIN 221 - Introduction to Linguistics I: Theoretical Foundations and Analysis [3 hours]
  • LIN 222 - Introduction to Linguistics II: Language in Context [3 hours]
  • LIN 500 - Phonetics [3 hours]
  • LIN 505 - Linguistic Morphology [3 hours]
  • LIN 512 - Analysis of English Syntax [3 hours]
  • LIN 515 - Phonological Analysis [3 hours]
  • 15 additional hours of LIN courses of which six (6) or more must be at the 500 level and separate from the LIN courses above.

Other Course Work Required for the Major

  • Choose 15 hours of additional courses relevant to the major from the fields of Anthropology, Computer Science, Modern and Classical Languages, Hispanic Studies, Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy or other courses approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies           [15 hours]

Total Hours - 48

Linguistics | Bachelor of Arts

2021-22 Major Sheet Linguistics B.A. Four Year Plan

Linguistics | Bachelor of Science

2021-22 Major Sheet Linguistics B.S. Four Year Plan

Imagine Your Future

Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators convert information from one language into another language.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics | Click the link for more info.

Median Salary


per year in 2018

Number of Jobs


in 2018

10 Year Job Outlook


new jobs (average)

Work Environment

Interpreters work in settings such as schools, hospitals, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and conference centers. Some work for translation and interpretation companies, individual organizations, or private clients. Many translators also work remotely. Self-employed interpreters and translators frequently have variable work schedules. Most interpreters and translators work full time during regular business hours.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Understanding that over 70 percent of university students will change their declared major at least once during their college careers, the College of Arts and Sciences has developed an Exploratory Studies program for students who have yet to decide the specific field of study that most closely aligns both their personal interests and their professional career goals and objectives. The Exploratory Studies Program provides students with an extraordinarily diverse educational environment that includes coursework spanning Math and Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences and provides students with the unique opportunity to explore multiple areas of interest during their first several semesters on campus. For more information please contact a recruiting representative at 

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