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International Education (Graduate Certificate)

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The Graduate Certificate in International Education prepares graduate students for careers in international education, including but not limited to education abroad, international student services, and placement in other international organizations which support the exchange of students in higher education.

Who is this graduate certificate for?

Any University of Kentucky graduate student (or admitted post-baccalaureate student) wishing to enhance their graduate degree.


Curriculum Information

The curriculum combines 9 hours of core courses and 6 hours of elective coursework. Students receive a foundation in comparative higher education, organization and administration in higher education, and student services.  Through elective courses appropriate to student interests, students will develop a regional area of cultural expertise and participate in at least one professional vocational experience with an emphasis on developing skills in evaluation/assessment, management, and program development.  Although the certificate does not require language coursework as part of the curriculum, participants must establish their language proficiency relative to their professional and regional concentration so that they are prepared to be effective and competitive in the field.


View curriculum requirements here.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding how formal education operates within and across nations (coursework in:  comparative/international education; higher education)
  • Familiarity with programming, services, laws and regulations for students entering and enrolled in  higher education (coursework in:  student services, higher education)
  • Intercultural understanding and communication (world language experience, international in situ experience, regional area studies)
  • Professional experience (work experience, internship, graduate assistantship; elective coursework in program evaluation or  research design)


Application Deadlines

Fall: July 22

Spring: December 9

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.