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A minor is a structured group of courses that leads to considerable knowledge and understanding of a subject, although with less depth than a major. Some employers consider minors desirable, and the corresponding major requirements at the University may stipulate a minor. Some students choose to complement their major program with a minor in a related field or even in an entirely different field of interest. Geographers examine spatial processes - physical, political, social, cultural, environmental, economic - and ask why places have the characteristics they do. Geographers investigate all types of environments, and learn how to make significant contributions to more sustainable environments and more just societies. 

Minor Requirements

The minor in Geography requires a minimum of 18 hours, 15 of which must be in courses at the 200+ level. Students may choose from a variety of Geography courses, spanning several focus areas including: K-12 Teaching and Administration, Geosciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Environmental Studies, Economic Geography, Medical and Health Geography and Urban Planning and Urban Studies. For a complete list of approved courses please consult the UKY Bulletin.

Total Hours - 18

Geography Minor

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