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American studies draws together diverse disciplines to examine the historical and contemporary forms and issues of our national life. The program in American Studies takes as its field of study any peoples, cultural expressions and social institutions, however or whenever identified as “American.” Program curricula link faculty, courses, and students across a range of humanities, arts, and social science departments. The minor centers on two interdisciplinary seminars on selected topics in American studies. Students electing the minor are also encouraged to take a range of elective courses to complement their major. The minor in American Studies prepares students for further graduate or professional training, or for work in education, government, or business.

Minor Requirements 

IAS 301 – Topics in American Culture [3 hours]
IAS 401 – Perspectives in American Culture [3 hours]
Students will need an additional four courses (12 hours) from a wide variety of other departments including: Art History, Anthropology, English, Geography, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology. For a complete list of approved courses please refer to the UKY Bulletin [12 hours]
Total Hours – 18
American Studies Minor