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The undergraduate minor in Cognitive Science is aimed to provide undergraduates with an introduction to cognitive science as a theory of the mind as an intelligent (information-processing) system. Our objectives are to ensure that each student (a) be able to articulate, at least in broad terms, some of the assumptions that have been thought to unify the various sub-fields within the domain of cognitive science; (b) explore more than one discipline’s approach to matters pertaining to cognitive science; and (c) explore in some detail at least one of the five main disciplines contributing to cognitive science (biology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology).

Minor Requirements 

CGS 500 - Cognitive Science in Theory and Practice [3 hours]
Fifteen additional hours of approved courses from departments including: Biology, Communications, Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology. For a complete list of approved courses please refer to the UKY Bulletin [15 hours]
Total Hours – 18
Cognitive Science Minor